Our Story . . .

       In 1865 after the American Civil War had ravaged the south, most noteably the city of Atlanta, a Connecticut man by the name of Rufus M. Rose, who had enlisted as a doctor for the Confederate Army, saw incredible opportunity in Atlanta amidst the despair and ruin that can only be caused by a war of such great magnitude.

        In an effort to provide the public with quality spirits that were guaranteed safe, Dr. R.M. Rose, who was an expert and recognized as the best judge of whiskey in the South, set about to open the R.M. Rose Company which until it's doors closed due to prohibition helped set a standard for the way modern liquor manufacturers/distributors produce, advertise, and distribute their products.

In the course of his experience with the handling and distilling of fine liquors, Dr. R.M. Rose was the first to age corn whiskey unique to the region in charred oak barrels.


He found that the best way to make a good quality corn whiskey was the old way and that no amount of modern improvements and machinery could help it in the least. He studied the various methods of distilling, tested the results, and from the reports of his many customers and his quick appreciation of their demands soon found that our grandfathers were the only true distillers

of honest corn whiskey.

We are proud to be afforded the opportunity to revive the name of what was, in a more simple time, one of the biggest names in the whiskey business.

We are the right men for the job.

With faith in our experience and good old fashioned know-how, it is our hope to bring back the fine whiskies of the R.M. Rose Company along with it's old time trailblazing spirit. 

"If we make it, We stand behind it."

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